Podiatry for Children

Young feet change rapidly in the years up to 12-13 and there are many issues that active children can experience. Effective treatment of childhood podiatric problems can help prevent problems later in life.

Podiatry for children

How are childhood pediatric problems treated?

We begin by comparing age related norms to what we are seeing. Many issues are age/growth related and can easily be managed. Treatments again are tailored to the individual and can include exercises, orthotics, and footwear advice.

Common Childhood Conditions

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Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Swelling, pain and tenderness just below the knee, over the shin bone (tibia).

Sever's Disease

Pain in heel around Achilles tendon.

Growing Pains

The pain is usually in the muscles, rather than the joints, of the leg and sometimes the arm. Growing pain is generally not serious and usually resolves by late childhood, but if happens frequently can be upsetting for a child.

'Knock Knees'

A condition where the knees angle in and touch one another when the legs are straightened.  the medical term is Genu valgum.

In Toeing

In Toeing (also called Pigeon Toe), is a condition which causes the toes to point inward when walking.

'Flat Feet'

Flat Feet (also called Fallen Arches) is where the arch of the foot collapses. the result is the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or almost complete contact with the ground.

Toe Walking

Where someone walks on the toes without putting much weight on the heel or any other part of the foot.