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Orthotic devices help support and realign the foot, to prevent or correct deformity, and to improve foot function. A quality, custom fitted foot orthotic can improve your quality of life - helping prevent pain and discomfort, prevent further injury and help your sporting performance.

Why should I have a custom fitted Orthotic?

There are hundreds of foot orthoses out there, many varieties can be purchased over the counter. However, due to the large forces that go through the foot (around 3-5 times our body weight while walking) it is essential to have the correct orthotic. A small change in the foot position can make a big difference to performance and injury prevention.

To gain a good understanding of your foot function and any anomalies that may be present, we perform a full biomechanical assessment and gait analysis:

Biomechanical Assessement

Assessment of your muscle strength, the range-of-motion of joints and the angular relationships of your lower body.

Gait Analysis

Understanding how you walk, run and generally move will help understand the specific forces on your feet - everyone is unique.


We make a 3-dimensional mould of your feet ('casts'). From these casts, we create your customised orthotic.


A critical factor in the success of the orthotic will be your footwear. We will provide advice on footwear for your situation

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