FootFocus Podiatry Services

General Podiatry

FootFocus covers the treatment of a wide range of complaints from the basic nail cut to Dermatitis.

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Sports Specific Podiatry

There are as many types of sporting injuries as there are sports. Whatever sport you play at whatever level, we cover and treat the full range of injuries.

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Foot Orthotics

Orthotic devices help support and realign the foot, to prevent or correct deformity, and to improve foot function. A quality, custom fitted foot orthotic can improve your quality of life - helping prevent pain and discomfort, prevent further injury and help your sporting performance.

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Podiatry for Children

Young feet change rapidly in the years up to 12-13 and there are many issues that active children can experience. Effective treatment of childhood podiatric problems can help prevent problems later in life.

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Complex Disease Issues

There are several complex medical conditions that needs specialist podiatry care. Some of these include Diabetes and Arthritis. Due to the nature of these conditions the feet are at high risk from infection, damage due to lack of sensation, poor circulation and much more.

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Podiatric Surgery

Some conditions of the foot require surgery to achieve a cure. Minor surgery is done in Bethlehem at the Active Physio Rooms. For more complex cases, we have close contacts with a variety of specialists that take our surgical referrals.

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